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Exoplanet with Astonishing Heat of More Than 1650 Degrees, 1000-km Wind Speed Discovered

  Imagine an exoplanet that has an internal surface atmosphere of more than 1650 degree celsius and 1000 km wind speed that is unimaginable but has been discovered for the first time by researchers. The HD189733b exoplanet’s turbulent atmosphere is too awesome to attempt any near-study approach, said researchers. “These results open up perspectives to approach the study of exoplanet ...

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Games show the way to HR job-filling challenge

The number of companies using games for hiring and engagement is on the rise. The so-called Gamification is a new concept entering the new HR ecosystem and employers are experimenting it despite apprehensions. It is learnt that 66% organisations are considering using this concept in near future while 25% organisations use gamification for the purpose of recruitment Nearly 34% employers ...

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