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High-fat milk, diary products reduce diabetes risk, says study

Consumption of high-fat dairy products is associated with reduced risk for Type-2 diabetes, says a study, in line with previous studies that indicated a link between high consumption of dairy products and a reduced risk of Type-2 diabetes. “Those who ate the most high-fat dairy products had a 23 percent lower risk of developing Type-2 diabetes than those who ate the ...

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Avoid Paracetamol Use for Lower Back Pain, Says New Study

Back pain, especially lower back pain is unbearable that many victims pop up paracetamol pills regularly but researchers have reiterated that the common over-the-counter drug is ineffective against spinal pain with negligible benefits for osteoarthritis. Though doubts about paracetamol’s effect still persist, the study has re-opened the debate on the effectiveness and safety of paracetamol with more experimental results. For osteoarthritis too, ...

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Traffic Driven Air-borne Pollutants Giving Rise to More Allergies: Study

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Traffic-related pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and ground-level ozone may trigger chemical changes in certain airborne allergens, boosting their potency, said a research study. Perhaps this could explain why an increasing number of airborne allergies are becoming more common forcing people to suffer more from airborne allergies during the allergy season, said researchers. “Scientists have long suspected that air pollution and ...

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Is exercise hormone ‘irisin’ just a myth?

Humans cannot produce the “exercise hormone” irisin as reported by previous studies three years ago, said a new study. The hormone irisin, discovered three years ago, travels from muscle to fat tissue after exercise to tell fat cells to start burning energy instead of storing it. The finding ignited hope and press coverage that irisin could hold the key to ...

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Over 1 Million Juvenile Gang Members Stalk US Streets, 3 Times Higher Than Estimated, Reveals Study

In a startling revelation, a recent study has found that there are over one million juvenile gang members in the U.S., more than three times the number estimated by law enforcement. “Gang membership between ages 5 and 17 years in the United States,” in an article published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, challenges many popular demographic stereotypes about gangs, ...

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Eat berries to lose weight, advise researchers

No need to skip a meal or head to a gym as easy ways to lose weight but replacing just one between-meal confectionery snack with a handful of berries can do the trick, say researchers. Research shows that when people swapped a confectionery treat for a berry snack with the same energy content, considerably fewer calories were consumed at their ...

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