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Silk Can Keep Food, Vegetables Fresh Week-Long, Find Scientists

silk food

Keeping fruits and vegetable fresh for one week is enough for world food traders and transporters and if it involves silk and not refrigeration, then it is world’s great discovery. Researchers from Tufts University have demonstrated that fruits can stay fresh for more than a week without refrigeration if they are coated in an odorless, biocompatible silk solution so thin ...

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Indian-origin Expert Finds Salt Filtering to Make Seawater Drinkable

Narayana Aluru, a University of Illinois professor of mechanical science and engineering has succeeded to find an energy-efficient material with nanopores to filter salt from sea water and revolutionize lifestyle on earth and end the water crisis faced on earth currently. Seemingly a rebuttal to poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s lament, “Water, water, every where, not a drop to drink”, the ...

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IISc scientists Develop Nanocapsules to Manipulate, Treat Cancer

Bangalore-based Indian Institute of Science (IISc) scientists have come out with new nanocapsules with ability to deliver drugs to cancer-hit human cells inside the body and prevent death of healthy cells due to cancer. Nanocapsules help in cancer treatment as they can deliver drugs right inside a cancerous cell with physiological cues inside the body and deliver the drug to ...

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