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New Book on Vedic Astrology Offers Remedies

A new book written by Hemant Bhatt titled ‘Vision of Karma Results in Vedic Jyotisha – Hema Jyotisha Sangraha’ prices at Rs.2,602 claims to help you read about karma through various methods like yoga, curse factors, star quarter, karmic debts, etc., with practical horoscopes, sun horoscopes, and Vedic remedial measures. The same author had written a book titled "Cursed Karma ...

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What Happened to Netaji? Different Theories Surface Including Disproved Gumnami Baba Story

High under pressure, Anuj Dhar who discovered some missing files on Netaji and achieved star status for his effort to make Netaji Files public by the West Bengal government last week has changed his views significantly now. The author of ‘India’s Biggest Cover-up’, Anuj Dhar has coined a new theory that Bose might have stayed in China around 1949, citing ...

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Nixon’s Secrets: New Book Reveals What Happened in 18-Minute Gap

Roger Stone, former Advisor to Richard Nixon and New York Times bestselling author of “The Man Who Killed Kennedy” has again come out with another title revealing the inside scoop on Nixon’s rise and fall in Watergate in his new book, called Nixon’s Secrets, released on Monday. August 11, 2014.  Stone charts Nixon’s rise from election to Congress in 1946 to the White ...

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