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Neurocognitive Deficit Signals Psychosis

While schizophrenia is best known for episodes of psychosis – a break with reality during which an individual may experience hallucinations – it is also marked by chronic neurocognitive deficits, such as problems with memory and attention. A multi-site cognition study led by psychologists at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) found that these neurocognitive symptoms are evident prior to ...

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Brain surgery through cheek bone for epilepsy patients possible now

Researchers have developed a robotic device for people suffering from epilepsy that would enter through the cheek bone, thereby avoiding having to drill through the skull besides being much closer to the target area. The device has is a 1.14 mm nickel-titanium needle that operates like a mechanical pencil with concentric tubes, some of which are curved, that allow the ...

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