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Asteroid 316201 Named After Malala, Joins Celestial Fame with Anand

After India’s Chess legend Viswanathan Anand, Pakistan’s teenager education activist and Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzahi was given the star status with an asteroid named after her. The Asteroid 316201 orbiting between our solar systam between Mars and Jupiter discovered by NASA astronomer Amy Mainzer was given the name Malala. The discoverer is given the first choice to select a name ...

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Obama names Indian American investor Sunil Sabharwal as IMF director

President Barack Obama has nominated Sunil Sabharwal, an independent Indian American investor in the payments sector, as US Alternate Executive Director at International Monetary Fund for a term of two years. The White House sent Sabharwal’s nomination to the Senate on Wednesday. At over two dozen, Obama administration boasts of having the highest number of Indian Americans in key jobs ...

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Earth Crust’s Abundant Mineral of 38% Named 50 Years Later, Successfully; Why the Delay?

It took more than five decades for a known earth mineral to be named finally as bridgmanite, after Nobel laureature Percy Bridgman. The mineral found earth’s crust makes up 38 percent of the Earth. The delay was thanks to rigid International Mineralogical Association rule that minerals can only be named and classified once they’ve been analysed in their natural state. ...

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