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Understand Myths About Flu Vaccine, says Study

With health systems across the world are trying to increase vaccination levels, a study has suggested that it is critical to understand how to address vaccine hesitancy and counter myths about vaccine safety. Researchers from New Hampshire-based Dartmouth College and the University of Exeter in Britain found that debunking the myth that the seasonal influenza vaccine can give you the ...

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Ancient Science in Mythology Baffles Modern Day Indians

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi blended mythology with ancient science by mentioning Ganesh surgery weeks ago, BJP MP Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank on Thursday came up with another interesting comment, claiming astrology is far ahead of science, calling it a “pygmy” compared to astrology. Not relenting, the MP further put his foot in his mouth saying “All streams of science are ...

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2012: Will myths of world’s end ever end?

Now that the much-anticipated year 2012 is here, the predictions and myths will come alive soon with the web world trying to revive the memories of last year. The most-cited Mayan calendar apparently ends on Dec 21, 2012 coinciding with the winter solstice. Fortunately, the prediction of an imminent end last year by California-based evangelist Harold Camping that the world ...

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