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Is exercise hormone ‘irisin’ just a myth?

Humans cannot produce the “exercise hormone” irisin as reported by previous studies three years ago, said a new study. The hormone irisin, discovered three years ago, travels from muscle to fat tissue after exercise to tell fat cells to start burning energy instead of storing it. The finding ignited hope and press coverage that irisin could hold the key to ...

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How Brain Controls Muscle strength with Imagery Exercise?

New evidence shows a direct link between brain function and muscle strength in human body, according to researchers at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. The researchers have found that mental imagery exercises can prevent muscles from getting weaker after not being used for extended periods of time, which can help to treat patients undergoing neurorehabilitation, especially after ...

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Want to build super muscles? How?

Not happy with gym results on your muscles? Try a blend of soy and dairy proteins after resistance exercises as this has now been touted as the best way to build muscle mass. Researchers have found that using a protein blend of soy, casein and whey after rigorous workout ensures the delivery of select amino acids – the building blocks ...

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