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Karnataka Schools Closed to Mourn Minister’s Death

Following the death of Minister for Cooperation and Sugar H.S. Mahadeva Prasad, the state government declared a holiday on Tuesday but many schools were already opened, making it defunct. There was considerable confusion among the schools as the government declared holiday on Tuesday itself after finding the minister dead in a resort room near Chikkaballapur in the morning around 8:30 ...

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7-Day Mourning Declared, No Holiday for Union Govt Schools, Offices

The government has declared a seven-day mourning following the death of former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam but no holiday was declared on Tuesday for schools or government offices in view of the protocol that stipulates only 3-day mourning and no holiday, barring Meghalaya. The official communication said, “The government of India announces with profound sorrow the death of Dr. ...

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Muharram Begins: History Behind Islamic Day of Mourning, Peace, Self-flagellation

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic New year and its significance lies in its mourning with processions and self- flagellation rituals called ‘Talwar Zani’, which makes using blades to hurt one’s body. Also known as the Day of Ashura, it is observed on the tenth-day of Muharram, which commemorates the day when the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, Husayn ...

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