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NASA Data Shows Chennai Floods Rare in Last 115 Years (Video)

NASA Earth Observatory map by Joshua Stevens, using IMERG data provided courtesy of the Global Precipitation Mission (GPM) Science Team’s Precipitation Processing System (PPS). Caption by Mike Carlowicz. NASA Earth Observatory data shows that rains in Chennai in 24 hours on December 1 and 2 surpass all the records in 115 years, say from 1901, authenticating the worst-ever floods in ...

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Lung cancer kills more women than breast cancer in rich countries: Report

Lung cancer has surpassed breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer death in females in developed countries and the change reflects the tobacco epidemic in women, according to a report released Wednesday by the American Cancer Society and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Lung cancer has been the top cancer killer for men for decades in ...

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Yoga-centric ‘MORE’ Exercise Helps Chronic Patients Dependent on Drugs: Study

To reduce the dependence on drugs among chronic patients, a new program called MORE or Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement (MORE) has beem devised to help them make less depedent on drugs by visualising more meaningful life and bear the pain. The program decreases the chronic patients’ addiction for drugs by helping them gain a sense of meaning and fulfilment in life ...

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