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IITM Researchers Say Global Warming Behind Monsoon Decline Over a Century

As India eagerly awaits for a better monsoon every year, the gradual decline in the rain-fed agricultural states is alarmingly visible, making meteorologists to link it to the possible global warming. Pune-based Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) has noted in its latest research paper that the rapid warming in the Indian Ocean has been weakening the monsoon consistently with ...

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Monsoon Forecast: Onset of Southwest Monsoon Around May 30 Likely

Every year, the onset of southwest monsoon over Kerala signals the arrival of monsoon over the Indian subcontinent and represents beginning of rainy season over the region and as per the practice, ESSO-India Meteorological Department (IMD) has been issuing forecasts using an indigenously developed statistical model, using six predictors. The predictors to forecast wouthwest monsoon include: i) Minimum Temperature over ...

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Deforestation in Northern Hemisphere Affecting Indian Monsoon: IISc Study

The green cover that was existing in the high altitude Northern Hemisphere in the 1750s is no more seen today and the impact is visible in Indian monsoon getting affected, said IISc climate scientists attributing the fall in monsoon rains to increased deforestation. The Bangalore-based Indian Institute of sciences (IISc) centre said in the 1750s, only about 7% of the ...

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