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Now Nepal Too Bans Maggi Noodles after India

In a sort of chair reaction trascending borders, neighbouring Nepal has decided to ban the import and sale of Nestle’s Maggi noodles from India citing the lead , following reports that the level of lead content in the popular instant snack in India was found to be above permissible limit. “We have banned the import and sale of Maggi noodle ...

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‘2 Minute Maggi Noodles’ Contains Harmful Levels of Lead, MSG? Probe On

Yes, the famous 2-minute Maggi Noodles, enthusiastically advertised by Madhuri Dixit on TV now, actually contains harmful monosodium glutamate (MSG) and ‘lead’ beyond the permissible levels, say officials. In their test, the authorities found that Maggi contained 17 ppm (parts per million) lead, which is harmful as against the permissible levels of 0.01ppm. While the authorities are going gor further ...

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