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Diabetes New Hope: Smartphone Sensor to Monitor Blood-Sugar Level, to Pump in Insulin

Diabetes goes digital with a smartphone-based system that can automatically control blood-sugar levels setting aside the usual finger pricks and insulin injections, especially for diabetes Type 1 patients. The smartphone developed by Prof. Boris Kovatchev, director of the University of Virginia Center for Diabetes Technology, has been fitted with a tiny sensor and wearable insulin pump, that can monitor monitoring ...

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NASA Turns Traffic Police on Mars to Stop Collision of MAVEN with India’s Mangalyaan, Other 3

US space agency NASA has begun the process of monitoring the orbit paths of its own MAVEN, India’s Mangalyaan, European Mars Express, its own old redundant missions to avoid collision after January 2015 incident. On Jan. 3, 2015, it was found that two weeks later, MAVEN and MRO (both NASA missions) could come within about two miles (three kilometers) of ...

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Diabetes: Tattoo offers needle-free way to monitor sugar levels now


Thanks to research, monitoring diabetes has changed from the painful old blood tests to one-sting tests currently but moving ahead, a non-invasive glucose-testing for diabetes patients has been developed in the form of a temporary tattoo that extracts and measures the level of glucose in the fluid in between skin cells. “The readout instrument for patients will eventually have Bluetooth ...

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CES 2015: Nvidia Launches Tegra X1 Drive computers for Auto-Piloted Cars

Nvidia has launched its Tegra X1 powered Drive computers for auto-piloted cars, one computers-Drive PX, for developing auto-pilot capabilities, and another Drive CX, for advanced cockpit systems. Th vision of the future was presented in the first public demo of NVIDIA DRIVE PX by Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, kicking off the International Consumer Electronics Show. “When you’re done with dinner, ...

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India Tops FaceBook List of ‘Content Restriction’ Requests in 2014 First Half, Turkey, Pakistan Next

India still tops with over 4,960 requests for “Content Restriction” in the first half o f 2014, said Facebook in its report, while Turkey with its sensitive Ottoman Empire culture comes second, followedby neighbour Pakistan. Facebook had restricted content as per the requests made by the government officials and India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), mostly related to criticism of ...

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