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German Team Warns of ‘Heartbleed’ Type Flaw in Data Storage Worldwide Again

A German team has revealed that a flaw in the very system of storing data online via mobile applications is leading to 56 million items of unprotected data in products they studied so far with more in store. Whether they are passwords, addresses, door codes, location data, games, social networks, messaging, medical and bank transfer apps — all are vulnerable ...

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Climate Change: Schools of Kolkata, Hyderabad Achieve Rare Feat spotting Nature

When it comes to climate change and environment, schools in Kolkata and Hyderabad showed the maximum willingness to document urban biodiversity. These schools have come forward to observe nature and develop a strong database of the changing trends using mobile apps for climate change, catching the changing biodiversity. About 10 Kolkata schools presented their findings just by using Android apps ...

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