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Heavy Bombardment Left Moon Crust Cracked with Craters, Deep Fissures: Scientists

Four billion years ago, when the phase of Late Heavy Bombardment was causing asteroids hit the darker side of Moon from earth, Moon’s crust was left with craters and deep fissures, said MIT scientists. Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and elsewhere have identified regions on the far side of the moon, called the lunar highlands, as fractured and ...

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Arthritis linked to surprise heart attack, says study

Arthritis, a common ailment in elderly people is also one of the causes of sudden heart attacks in about one-fourth of them, said a new research study. The risk was same irrespective of smoking or debetes, they noted.  The researchers studied the presence of ischaemia and infarction secondary to atherosclerotic disease (coronary artery disease) in 91 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and ...

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Swine Flu in India Mutating, Dangerous, says MIT Study

The swine flu in India is mutating and turning more dangerous than any other known strain of H1N1, warn scientists from the MIT, including two Indian-origin researchers. Swine flu has killed more than 1,200 people so far in India. The study contradicts previous reports by the government officials that the strain has not changed or mutated from the H1N1 strain ...

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