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Panic-Stricken Doctor Flees Operation Mid-Way

It happens only in India as there are numerous hospitals with patients but insufficient number of doctors to attend to them. The corporate structure has left many hospitals on a fly-by-night mode and no wonder a Mumbai hospital resident doctor left the operation mid-way leading to the patient’s death. Waman Zare, 65, was admitted to Sion hospital in Mumbai a ...

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Jharkhand Education Minister ‘Pays Respect’ to Former President APJ Abdul Kalam

In a major goof-up, Bjp-led Jharkhand State Education Minister Neera Yadav was found paying homage to former President APJ Abdul Kalam’s photo in Kodarma. She was seen applying kumkum on the photo and giving floral tribute, which according to Hindu tradition is done to pay respect to a person after his death. Ms Neera Yadav (BJP), Education minister (Jharkhand), offering ...

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Control+Alt+Delete command a ‘mistake’ That Went Unaltered: Bill Gates

   It was in the late-1970s that the first PC maker IBM prepared proto-type of the current keyboard that faced the problem of frequent hang-up seeking rebooting the system altogether that one developer wrote a shortcut combining the three buttons Control, Alt and Delete in just five minutes. He nevr realized that the combo would end in a cultural trait ...

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