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Facebook Founder Mark, wife Priscilla Expecting Baby; Many Join to Wish Them Goodluck!

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that his wife Priscilla Chan had three miscarriages in the last two years and hoped that his wife, who is expecting a baby girl this time would sail through safely this time. In a heartfelt revelation, Zuckerberg said he was making it open to come out of the suffering alone, a gesture that would surely attract ...

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Mercury Effect: Women Should Mind What Fish They Eat, Warns Study

Merury traces in fish proved fatal for decades and Japan’s Minamata case in the late 1960s should remain a lesson for any marine food consumption without health precautions. New research has suggested that pregnant women who consume mercury-ladden fish food may develop the risk autoimmune disorders , which may be fatal to the babies inside. The study conducted by the ...

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