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China’s Jiaolong Deep Sea Indian Ocean Drill Finds Sulfide, Metal Deposits as Wary India Keeps Watch

With India keeping an eagle’s eye, China successfully completed its first 118 days of deep sea manned subsmersible mining in the Indian Ocean, saying it found large deposits of precious metals besides discovering different hydrothermal areas. China’s mission named ‘Jiaolong’ discovered new hydrothermal deep-sea fissures which emit hot water and its findings could lead to further research into resources of ...

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Water on Moon, What does it Mean on Earth?

Researchers found water particles in samples collected by Apollo long ago and scientists say it indicates water may also exist on Mercury and on other asteroids like Vesta or Eros in our solar system. It has reversed the belief that moon was a dry planet. So, what does it mean for Earth? Apart from rich mineral resources, Moon is likely ...

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