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Violence at home increases risk of migraine in children: Study

Domestic violence poses many threats – depression, insecurity and suicide. According to recent data by World Health Organization, 35 percent of women have gone through domestic violence either from intimate partner or non-partner sexual abuse, in their lives. Statistics provided by Domestic Abuse Shelter say that every year 4,000 women die in America due to domestic violence. Witnesses of domestic ...

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Tired of Migraine pain? Here’s a new set of drugs that show promise to cure

Migraine pain could be exhausting, prevailing for longer days and leaving you with disturbed vision frequently. Migraine Research Foundation defines migraine as not just a headache, but “an extremely debilitating collection of neurological symptoms that usually includes a severe recurring intense throbbing pain one side of the head.” A new research has shown that a new set of drugs namely ...

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