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224 Killed in Egypt Air Crash of Russian Metrojet, False Claims Emerge

While a Russian Metrojet airline’s Airbus A321 crashed in Central sinai, Egypt killing 224 passengers aboard, some intriguing claims have been made by muslim outfits taking claims for the crash, entirely unrelated and unrealistic. One group affiliated to Islamic State in Egypt claimed that it had brought down the plane in retaliation for airstriked conducted by Russian airstrikes killing hundreds ...

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Malaysia MH17 victims’ remains Brought to Netherlands as wreckage Recovery is Over

A Dutch military plane carrying the remains of victims onboard the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 arrived at the Eindhoven Air Base in Netherlands on Friday as the wreckage recovery of the plane’s missing parts and bodies of the passengers was completed. After a ceremonial tribute attended by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and relatives of the victims, six coffins onboard ...

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Russia Rejects Australia Demand for MH17 Compensation, Seeks Proof

Russia has rejected Australian plea that it should pay compensation for MH17 disaster that was downed by Ukrainian rebels supported by Moscow. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott ealier alleged that Russua had a role in the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, but Russia brushed aside his demand that it apologise and pay compensation to the families of the victims ...

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