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Gene Behind Mental Illness in Women Identified, Potential for Early Treatment Likely

Mental illness in women is characterized by a specific gene that interacts with the X chromosome, found researchers paving the way for future potential research to treat psychiatric patients, whose number is on the rise owing to new isolated lifestyle. The gene identified as XIST inactivates one of the two X chromosome copies cells meant for storing genetic material, leading ...

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Timely meals, early to bed can prevent onset of mental illness: Study

Time and again doctors and researchers have proved that living a structured life with regular meal times and early bedtimes can lead to a better life and the latest study adds another dimension that it can even prevent the onset of mental illness. Our daily sleep-wake cycle is governed by an internal 24-hour biological clock called the circadian clock. “However, ...

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US Lawyers File Appeal for Suspension on Execution of Schizophrenic Inmate

The lawyers for Scott Panetti, an inmate suffering from schizophrenia who is to be executed on Wednesday, have asked the US Supreme Court to reconsider his case after the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles voted against delaying the execution by lethal injection. Panetti, who in 1992 killed his in-laws and kidnapped his wife and three-year-old daughter in Texas, seems ...

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