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Sleeplessness is the Missing Link to Alzheimer’s Disease: UC Study

Scientists from the University of Columbia, Berkeley believe that sleeplessness leads to memory loss as a deficit of the deep, restorative slumber needed to hit the save button on memories in turn leads to the beta-amyloid protein to trigger Alzheimer’s disease. “Our findings reveal a new pathway through which Alzheimer’s disease may cause memory decline later in life,” said UCB’s ...

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City Pollution Causes Short-Memory Loss, Lower IQ in Kids: Study

Children exposed to air pollution in cities tend suffer with short-term memory loss and lower IQ than the children who live in rural and less polluted surroundings, said a study. The study conducted in US cities also shows that children in polluted cities and more prominent among those who carry a gene called the apolipoprotein E4 allele that causes Alzheimer’s ...

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Depression Also Leads to Memory Loss, says Study

Perhaps a known fact but it gets scientific fillip for the first time that the ability to remember information declines when people undergo depression. The link between depressed mood and memory deficit was not observed in a laboratory setting earlier, the researchers said and pointed out their study finding which showed that individuals with depressed mood lost 12 percent reduction ...

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Liars on Facebook Face Music Later in Life, Develop False Memories

Do you fabricate your profile on Facebook to earn more likes? Remember that this habit can lead to feelings of shame and worthlessness later in life. According to a new survey, almost two-thirds of social media users lie to “airbrush reality” and make their lives seem more interesting than they are. Young adults say they frequently lie about their relationships, ...

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No Carbs, Less Calories Delay Ageing, Keep Brain Healthy, Memory in Tact, Says Study of 900 Genes First Time

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With ageing slowly on the back of everybody’s mind these days, a new research has thrown light on how lower calories and cutting on carbs will help the brain keep its memory in tact and also keep off heart diseases and stroke. While similar findings are not new, the latest one shows the link between calorie-reduced diet with 900 different ...

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Walking Better to Stop Memory Decline: New Study

Living in a a neighbourhood that encourages walking could help the elderly stave off cognitive decline, says a new research that studied 25 people with mild Alzheimer’s disease and 39 adults with cognitive impairment. Easy-to-walk communities result in better outcomes both for physical health – (such as lower body mass and blood pressure) – and cognition (such as better memory) ...

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