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Four-in-One Quadpill Found, Termed Magic Pill to Treat BP

British researchers have combined four blood pressure drugs into one pill and the small pilot clinical trial showed normalcy restored in patients within one month, making it a magic pill that has high potential. In their study, they administered the four-in-one ‘quadpill’ on every patient and the results within a month showed their blood pressure drop to healthy levels of ...

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Top 6 Mantras to Keep Diabetes Far Away From You


Are you sure that your blood sugar is in control? There are about 8.1 million diabetes cases which go undiagnosed every year. Joy Bauer, a nutrition expert, has suggested to start with incorporating some of the simple lifestyle changes, like monitoring blood glucose levels, taking medication as directed by doctors, maintaining a healthy weight, aiming for at least 30 minutes ...

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New Study Reveals Impact of Economic Insecurity on Diabetes Control

A recent study that examined the impact of economic insecurity on managing the disease and the use of health care resources reveals that difficulty paying for food and medications appears to be associated with poor diabetes control among patients. According to the study, increased access to health insurance offered by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act may not improve ...

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New Anti-Diabetic Drug for TB Patients

A more effective treatment will be available for patients who suffer from tuberculosis (TB) as scientists found that a drug for treating diabetes, Metformin (MET), can also be used to boost the efficacy of TB medication without inducing drug resistance. The findings could lead to a more effective treatment for the infectious disease that kills close to 1.5 million people ...

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