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Water Flow on Mars Shifted Pebbles Down 50-km, Says Study

Recalling how Greek philosopher Aristotle wondered the round pebbles on the beaches, present-day space researchers have unveiled first signs of flowing water on Mars estimating that some round pebbles travelled 50 kilometers down the ancient river systems of the Red Planet. The findings reinforce the widely-held view that life could have existed on Mars surface some million years ago and ...

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NASA Reveals Known Mystery: Streaks of Water Flows Confirmed Officially

As expected in our column, NASA has ‘solved’ the mystery behind streaks as those of flowing water on Mars, which means life in the form of organism is possible on Mars or the search for alien life on Mars is true though disappointing many UFO-afficinados. NASA scientists on Monday revealed definitive signs of liquid water on the surface of present-day ...

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Not merely ice, Mars may have liquid water under surface: Study

The substance calcium perchlorate found in Mars soil that lowers the freezing point may have left the water under the surface in its liquid form still and may be present in very salty form as a brine, according to researchers. Perchlorate absorbs water vapor from the atmosphere and lowers the freezing temperature of water, indicating possible existence of transient liquid ...

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