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NASA Mars 2020 Mission to Land Rover on Notheast Syrtis or Jezero crater or Columbia Hills

The three spots are -- Notheast Syrtis, Jezero crater and Columbia Hills -- and one of them will be the landing spot for the next rover which is expected to be a saucer-shaped flying landing object.(Image Credit: NASA)

NASA has finalized three spots for its much-awaited landing of another rover on Mars in July 2020 ahead of a planned manned mission two years later. The three spots are — Notheast Syrtis, Jezero crater and Columbia Hills — all on Mars surface. The Northeast syrtis was already known on Mars and the Jezero crater was beleived to be once ...

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Watch Rare Celestial ‘Fab-Five’ Planets’ Congregation in Sky Tonight

After almost one decade, a rare celestial congregation of five planets — Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will be visible to naked eye in the sky and more prominent through telescope tonight, said astronomers. Three planets — Saturn, Mars and Jupiter — can be seen today clearly while those lucky enough can expect to seee Mercury and Venus too ...

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Matt Damon Left Footprint on Microfinance Before ‘Martian’

Matt damon, the lead actor in the film ‘The Martian’ was not new to charity and microfinance sector as his non-profit Water.org was known for its funding of many project in Africa and South Asia, including India. The Martian hero been known for his charitable works, including the ONE Campaign, H2O Africa Foundation, Feeding America, besides Water.org. Damon was the ...

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NASA to Prepare Drones to Study Moon and Mars

drones seiged in bengaluru airport, air surveillance, terror threat perception,

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have taken an important step in their endeavor to delve into studying Moon and Mars with their development of drones. Engineers from the American government’s agency are cultivating drones, which can soar to those regions like the shielded part of a crater, on Moon, Mars and asteroids that are unreachable for rovers in ...

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