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Opportunity Rover Achieves First Marathon Distance of 42 km Run on Mars

Moving over NASA’s Curiosity, its predecessor Opportunity rover on Mars still active has achieved a milestone on Tuesday by crossing 26.219 miles (42 kilometers) on the surface of Mars described as the first-ever Martian marathon. Opportunity has taken 11 years and 2 months to complete the marathon but it is a landmark achievement for NASA and the mankind. “This is ...

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Nitrogen, Water Traces on Mars Show Life Was Possible in Ancient Red Planet

The nitrogen sample analysis of Curiosity findings could have made it possible for life organism to survive on Mars. Since¬†the nitrogen found on Mars doesn’t show any evidence of life as the surface of Mars is inhospitable for living organism, the researchers believe¬†that the nitrates found on Mars are ancient, and could have come from non-biological processes like meteorite impacts ...

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