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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 in 190 countries, 11 Languages, 3 Versions

Microsoft is releasing its new operating system Windows 10 across 190 countries in 111 languages to cater the personal computing experience integrating all the devices including handsets, tablets and personal computers for the first time. “We have designed Windows 10 to deliver a more personal computing experience across a range of devices,” said Microsoft. Windows 10 will power a broad ...

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Reionization maps show stars are younger than thought

New maps of cosmic background radiation have helped scientists realize that the “reionization” process could be more recent than estimated until now. Reionization, a key process in cosmology, is associated with star formation, which cosmologists date back to after the “dark ages” of the Universe, when there was still no starlight. The NASA WMAP satellite, launched in 2001, had given ...

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Google’s Mapathon 2013 weighs to make India maps better

Google India has announced Mapathon 2013, a mapping competition, to improve Google Maps in India. The top 1,000 mappers will win Android tablets, smartphones, other gift vouchers, said Google India. Registrations for the competition will commence on February 12 and go on until March 25, 2013. Those who sign up for the competition can update the maps via Google Map-Maker ...

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