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Love Harmone Oxytocin Helps Reduce Weight Too

Love harmone oxytocin will be the saviour for millions of people who are obese and wish to reduce their weight significantly to lead a normal life. Harvard Medical School researchers have found that oxytocin-based nasal spray could reduce appetite among a small number of people it studied and wants to undertake a biger trial now. Essentially, researchers found that oxytocin, ...

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World Cancer Day: Cervical Cancer, Lung Cancer largest killers in India

An estimated 73,000 new cases of Cervical Cancer are reported in Indian Women and the incidence is reported to about 1,32,000 cases annually, which is 30% of the total 4,70,000 new cases reported every year, said WHO. These deaths owing to the cervical cancer cause are largely preventable and are likely to significantly reduce the cost burden of disease, delivering ...

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Flies Show why females live longer than males: Study

Researchers from the University of Exeter in Britain found that male flies die earlier than their female counterparts when forced to evolve with the pressures of mating and juvenile survival, which means females survive challenges of ageing better than males. “We found dramatic differences in the effects of sexual and natural selection on male and female flies. These results could ...

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