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Delivering Drug to Lungs Directly Now Possible: Researchers

In a new method, researchers have shown that lung-related diseases can be tackled by directly targeting to send micro volumes of drug into the lung. The new method helps to instill micro-litres of liquid drug, distributed as a thin film in the lung airway, and absorbed locally. “Our micro-volume liquid instillation approach will enable predictable drug concentrations at the target ...

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Aspirin thrice a week reduces lung disease risk: Study

While apsirin was known to have some positive effects on cardiovascular diseases, a latest study said the decades-old wonder drug can also slow down, if not eliminate, emphysema lung disease. Emphysema, triggered by smoking cigarettes, damages the air sacs (alveoli) in your lungs, leading to shortness in breathing and finally turning fatal. It is one of several lung diseases known ...

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Diabetes drug may decrease cancer risk only in non-smokers: study

Depending on their smoking history, a drug may have contrary effects on people suffering from diabetes – reducing lung cancer risk among nonsmokers and increasing the risk among smokers, showing for the first time a direct link between smoking and lung cancer. Among nonsmokers who had diabetes, those who took the diabetes drug metformin had a decrease in lung cancer ...

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