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Sea Traffic Main Culprit for Coastal Areas’ Pollution, Finds Study

Sea traffic, especially huge ships emitting nitrogen oxides and sulphates have been filling the air in coastal areas with nanoparticles which are dangerous and leading to unusual high death rates, revealed a study. The study by experts in Lund University compared high levels of nanoparticles in coastal areas with other emissions from cars or road traffic to arrive at the ...

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Like Mars, Cosmic Ocean of Millimeter-Sized Stones Formed Earth Too: Study

Like asteroids, our own planet Earth was formed by a cosmic ocean of millimetre-sized particles that orbited the young sun, said a new study led by Lund University in Sweden. Scientists said fragments of asteroids which land on Earth as meteorites regularly comprise millimetre-sized round stones called chondrules, believed to be the original building blocks of the solar system. The ...

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What do we Inherit From Parents? Retro-Viruses that make us smarter!

Millions of years old inherited viruses actually play an important role in making the human brain dynamic and multifaceted in its functions, says a study. These endogenous retroviruses that constitute around five percent of our DNA were earlier thought to be just a side-effect of our evolutionary journey. Retroviruses seem to play a central role in the basic functions of ...

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