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Lizard Squad ? Who are they? Pro-US Hackers ?

Lizard Squad that was behind cyber attacks on sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox is back again this time not on video console makers but on Lenovo for wilfully compromising its Lenovo laptop users to “Superfish” add-on that makes the system vulnerable to steaing encrypted information. The squad consisting of 7 members is a black hat hacking group, known for their ...

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Lenovo Hacked by Lizard squad; Superfish Row Behind Attack?

Chinese computer major Lenovo Group Ltd said its website was hacked on Wednesday, two days after the US government advised consumers to remove “Superfish” that came pre-installed on its laptops. Hacking group Lizard Squad, that had earlier taken down Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, has claimed credit for the attacks on its Twitter account. Lenovo confirmed the attack saying the ...

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