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Breast Cancer: Gene Responsible for its Aggressive Form Identified

Scientists have identified a strong link between the most aggressive form of breast cancer and a gene that regulates autophagy or natural cellular recycling in the body, after analyzing two huge breast cancer databases. They found that the reduced activity of autophagy gene beclin 1 was directly linked to a higher incidence of triple-negative breast cancer and a poorer prognosis ...

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Diabetes, Heart Diseases Share Same Genes so Occur Same Time: Study

It is common that those suffering from the type 2 diabetes are also facing related other cardio-vascular diseases like high blood pressure or hypertension and often occur together. Now scientists have discovered that the two diseases may be related at the level of genes, proteins and fundamental physiology. The two diseases share eight molecular pathways and several "key driver" genes ...

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Another Leap in Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Siberian Holes Surface from Nowhere

Two massive craters in Siberia recently this year have triggered wild imagination of people who called them “End of the World” holes but scientists believe they are linked to the world’s most intriguing and mysterious “Bermuda Triangle”. The Siberian Times reported on Oct. 10 revealed this link citing scientists from the Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum-Gas Geology and Geophysics in Novosibirsk ...

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