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NASA’s Spitzer Telescope Finds Distant Planet, Using Microlensing Technique

NASA’s spitzer telescope has found a gas planet as far away as 13,000 light years away, the distant celestial body known in the category, called ‘Ogle-2014-BLG-0124Lb’. The gas giant planet is thought to be half the mass of Jupiter. Underlining the spitzer telescope discovery, scientists said Spitzer can be used further to see how planets are distributed throughout the spiral-shaped Milky ...

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Technology Helps Ultra Fast Shaping of Light Beams, Production of Better Optical Devices

A new device that can shape and steer beams of light at never before achieved speeds has been developed by a group of engineers. The new technology ensures the production of better optical devices such as holographs that can move rapidly in real time. The acousto-optic array, which consists of 64 tiny piezo-electric elements, act as high frequency loudspeakers. The ...

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Blu-Ray Discs Work Well to Improve Light Absorption

Regarded as one of the best ways to store high-definition movies and television shows because of their high-density data storage capacity, Blu-ray discs have also shown to improve the performance of solar cells, says a new research. The pattern of information written on a Blu-ray disc works very well for improving light absorption across the solar spectrum, the findings showed. ...

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