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Top 6 Mantras to Keep Diabetes Far Away From You


Are you sure that your blood sugar is in control? There are about 8.1 million diabetes cases which go undiagnosed every year. Joy Bauer, a nutrition expert, has suggested to start with incorporating some of the simple lifestyle changes, like monitoring blood glucose levels, taking medication as directed by doctors, maintaining a healthy weight, aiming for at least 30 minutes ...

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Palakkad in Kerala Becomes First HIV/AIDS Literate District

Kerala’s Palakkad district will become the first total HIV/AIDS literate district in the country due mainly to joint initiatives of civic authorities and KESS-HAPPI, a voluntary organisation which helped win the status. Just as Kottayam became India’s first city to achieve 100 percent literacy in 1989, so is Palakkad is all set to be honoured with the status of being the first ...

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International Yoga Day: Run up Begins in Delhi, Health Awareness Heightens

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s advice to government officials to practice Yoga ahaead of the Sunday International Yoga Day, June 21, several central government officials are making a beeline to yoga calsses in the morning in Delhi. Elsewhere, in Haryana and BJP-ruled states too, the yoga fever is gripping the officials, especially those in their 50s finding it difficult and ...

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How more than 1600 space applications revolutionised our lives?

From home-based BP machines to camera pixels to hi-fi MRI and CAT scans, more than 1,600 applications originally developed for space applications have made their way into our daily lives revolutionising our life-style, said ISRO chief A.S. Kiran Kumar. He said most of these innovations do not come from a single new technology but come from an existing technology that ...

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