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‘Innocence of Muslims’ video triggers row again; Egypt bans YouTube for 1 month

Egypt has banned YouTube for a month, for refusing to remove “Innocence of Muslims,” a five-month-old US video clip deemed to be inimical to Islam. Google, which owns YouTube has declined to remove the “Innocence of Muslims” video which was uploaded on YouTube five months ago. Instead, access to the video was restricted in those countries where it was illegal ...

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Flash: Libya’s fleeing leader Gaddafi killed: reports

Unconfirmed reports said Libyan leader Moumar Gaddafi was killed. Initial reports said the report of the death could not be confirmed. Reuters quoted rebel force leaders saying he was caught near his hometown Sirte that was confirmed by the National Transitional Council (NTC) with photographic evidence of a bloodied face with curly hair. Libyan television said NTC chairman Mustafa Abdel ...

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