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NASA Challenge on 3D Habitat on Mars Rocks

NASA challenges, though small in cash, do have wider reach and response. But this time it is huge and in millions. The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (America Makes) is offering $2.25 million to design and build a 3-D printed habitat on Mars and anywhere in the deep space exploration. Part of the Centennial Challenges Program of NASA managed by ...

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Forget Beijing, Clean Up Delhi Fast, says Greenpeace

Global climate awareness agency Greenpeace, citing the Central Pollution Control Board report, said Delhi’s average pollution at PM2.5 level in 2013 as 153μg/m3, based on hourly measurements at 6 different stations. “This is 15 times the World Health Organization guideline and 3.8 times the national standar,” it said. Delhi’s average is also 80 percent higher than the average in Beijing, ...

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