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Apple Market Cap Reaches Unprecedented $710 Billion

Shares of tech giant Apple surpassed $122 each, making the tech firm the first company in world history to exceed $710 billion in capitalisation at the close of a trading day. It becomes the world’s largest company. The Cupertino, California-based company had exceeded $700 billion in capitalisation on a previous occasion, but this is the first time that it remained ...

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World Cancer Day: Cervical Cancer, Lung Cancer largest killers in India

An estimated 73,000 new cases of Cervical Cancer are reported in Indian Women and the incidence is reported to about 1,32,000 cases annually, which is 30% of the total 4,70,000 new cases reported every year, said WHO. These deaths owing to the cervical cancer cause are largely preventable and are likely to significantly reduce the cost burden of disease, delivering ...

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