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NASA engineers developing HIAD, new inflatable heat shield technology, for manned Mars mission

NASA researchers have found a way to land future large spacecrafts meant for Mars landing with a lightweight inflatable heat shield similar to a stacking ring used in toys. Engineers from Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia are working on the concept of an inflatable spacecraft technology to develop a heat shield that looks larger with huge rings. Known as ...

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NASA Arm Develops ‘Flying Firefighters’ with Drones to Control Forest Wild Fires

NASA is developing its own Drones to detect wildfires and also to extinguish them before they turn into major tragedies eroding forests, said researchersw at NASA’s Langley Research Centre in Virginia, terming them “flying firefighters”. Built at a cost of $5,000-$10,000, these unmanned drones would cost as little as $50 per flight and it is limited to 20 to 25 ...

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