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High BP Leads to Damage of Nerves Connected to Brain, Leads to Complications: Study

A new study has sent some warning signals to those with high BP or hypertension as it leads to nerves damage of tracts connected to brain. It leads to difficulties in cognitive abilities, decision-making and the ability to control emotions, said researchers. "We already have clear ways to explore the damage high blood pressure can cause to the kidneys, eyes, ...

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Kidney Transplant Institute in Bangalore to Provide Medicines Beyond One year Now

Bangalore-based Institute of Nephro Urology said it will provide free medication for its kidney-transplant patients beyond the one year stipulation in view of the non-affordability of the transplant recipients to buy immune-suppressant drugs. The institute said it has successfully transplanted kidney on more than 103 patients at the state-run institute but many of them were unable to bear the post-surgery ...

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