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Watch Rare Celestial ‘Fab-Five’ Planets’ Congregation in Sky Tonight

After almost one decade, a rare celestial congregation of five planets — Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will be visible to naked eye in the sky and more prominent through telescope tonight, said astronomers. Three planets — Saturn, Mars and Jupiter — can be seen today clearly while those lucky enough can expect to seee Mercury and Venus too ...

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NASA to Re-Activate Science Instruments on Juno Today to Capture Jupiter Closest Ever

NASA spacecraft Juno reached ‘Apojove’, the farthest point in Jupiter’s orbit after travelling for over five years on Sunday and began a frefall bowing to Jupiter’s gravitational force, expected to reach about 2,600 miles above the planet by the end of August. Now that the Juno mission is there, NASA’s Scott Bolton, Juno’s Principal Investigator at the Southwest Research Institute ...

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