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Global Diet Getting Sweeter, Impose Sugar Tax, Says Researcher

Researchers of University of North Carolina have sounded alarming bells citing increased sugar consumption all over world, especially in beverages which include aerated and energy drinks and they sought imposition of sugar tax and urgent governmental intervention. They found that currently 68 percent of packaged foods and beverages in the United States contain caloric sweeteners, 74 percent include both caloric ...

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US Study Finds Link to Rise in Kidney Cases to Additive Food Phosphates

Phosphates artificially added to packed dairy and cereal products lead to spike in blood phosphorus levels than naturally occurring phosphates, affecting kidneys and stiffening blood vessels, among other related complications, said a study by Houston Methodist researchers. “The Institute of Medicine recommends 700 milligrams of phosphate per day and we think that’s a good number. What we were seeing in ...

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Stop Junk Food, Follow ‘Responsible Consumerism’, advises Harsh Vardhan

India’s Science and Technology minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has asked people to be conscious about consumerism and shun it in favour of a culture of responsible consumerism, while addressing a CSIR institute in Nagpur on Friday, on the sidelines of World Environment Day. After the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute of CSIR in Nagpur function, the Minister said metros face ...

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