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ISRO New Workhorse GSLV-Mk III to Carry Heaviest 3136-kg GSAT-19 Satellite

S200 Strap-ons Integrated with Core L110 Liquid Stage (Photo: ISRO)

ISRO New Workhorse GSLV-Mk III-D1 to Carry Heaviest 3136-kg GSAT-19 Satellite Indian Space research Organisation (ISRO) will launch its new workhorse GSLV-Mk III-D1 rocket on June 5, making it the heaviest rocket ever made by ISRO and capable of carrying huge payloads. GSAT-19 carries Ka/Ku-band high throughput communication transponders, a Geostationary Radiation Spectrometer (GRASP) to monitor charged particles and the ...

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Reckon High-Speed Internet as ISRO Prepares to Launch GSAT-19 in June

Indian space agency is all set to launch its prestigious GSAT-19 satellite, third in GSAT series to complete the mission to provide the sleepy Internet in India a significant boost to become a high-speed Internet nation. The project with three GSAT communications satellites — GSAT-19, GSAT-11 and GSAT-20 — will fulfil the future communication needs of Internet, television and smartphone ...

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ISRO to Launch Heaviest Payload of 5 UK Satellites on PSLV C-28 on July 10

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has mounted five British satellites on its workhorse launch vehicle PSLV C-28, which is ready for launch on July 10 from Sriharikota. (See Photos) The five satellites include three optical satellites of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) of UK weigh 447-kg each and one micro-satellite and another nano satellite, weighing a total of 1,440-kg, the ...

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