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Destroying History the ISIS Way?

History cannot be replayed and that’s precisely why it should be preserved. The barbaric destruction of historical monuments by the Islamic State in its captured territories of Syria and Iraq go beyond mere massacre of the innocent. The savage terror group has been bulldozing and dynamiting vital treasures of art and culture nurtured over centuries and gained a pride of ...

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US Relents, President Writes First Letter to Iran’s Head After 1979 Hostage Crisis

US President Barack Obama has written to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei expressing a “shared interest” in fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Iraq and Syria. The letter was reportedly sent in the middle of October, in which President Obama tied potential cooperation on fighting ISIS militants and aim at a comprehensive deal over Iran’s controversial nuclear programme, ...

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IS militants release 93 more Kurds in northern Syria

Damascus, Nov 4:  The Islamic State (IS) released about 93 Kurds captured nine months ago in northern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Tuesday. IS kept the kidnapped Kurds in the Alieh area near Ayn al-Arab on charges of being loyal to the Kurdish Democratic Party, which is currently fighting the IS alongside the Kurdish People’s Protection Units(YPG) ...

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