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Alien Skulking in NASA Photo 55-Years Ago?

Was there a conspiracy to cover up an extra-terrestrial spaceship by NASA in a 55-year-old photograph, ask UFO enthusiasts citing the UFO Sightings Daily photograph. It was when man was taking his first steps to space that the alien spaceship was observing from above how man takes on to space. Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily says the eerie interstellar ...

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Earth Day: India can show how to mitigate climate change, says PM Modi

Despite repeated assurances, India is coming under radar over its contributions to the Green Fund and following US ambassador Richard Verma’s veiled ‘caution’ that the world is “watching India”, India responded today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said India can show the way to the world in mitigating climate change, reiterating its demand that the developed world should pay ...

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Al Qaeda banking on SIMI to recruit educated Indian youth

Al Qaeda, which has announced plans to target India, is keen on recruiting youth trained in computers or aeronautics for its terror designs and is taking the help of banned terror outfit SIMI for this, officials with access to intelligence inputs have revealed. Sources said intelligence inputs shared by central agencies with the police in some major cities including Delhi, ...

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