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From Car Keys to Credit Cards, Apple Watch to Replace Many Hand-held Devices

As Apple’s entry into our lives replaced the age-old walkman to laptop for many daily chores, its latest wearable iWatch will replace car keys and credit cards from your pockets, setting in new life-style the way iPhone did a decade ago with Steve Jobs ushering in a virtual revolution replacing ordinary mobile phones and laptops. Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Telegraph of ...

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After Oppo, China’s World’s Thinnest Phone Vivo to Make India Debut Next Monday

Close on the heels of tech-invasion by Chinese gadgets is another Chinese smartphone maker, BBK Electronics, which has unveiled Oppo phones will come out with its latest Vivo touted to be the world’s slimmest phone X5Max on Dec. 15. Chinese smartphone Vivo X5Max will be unveiled at a function in New Delhi on December 15 or next Monday and the ...

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FaceBook Invite: What to expect on top of Android?

Facebook has invited select group of journalists to an event it calls “new home on Android”, creating enough space for rumour mill to trigger anticipation for an android-based mobile phone exclusively for facebook users. It is perhaps a culmination of rumours that Facebook is building its own version of mobile phone meant for easy access to Facebook all over the ...

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