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Facebook to Introduce ‘Dislike’ Button Finally on Posts

With little choice for many on Facebook wither to like a post or keep silent, now the social media giant has decided to introduce “Dislike” button on Facebook Page that should showcase the public liking or not liking openly. The social networking site’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apparently realized the need to answer the aspiration of nearly 1.5 billion Facebook ...

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Swiftkey in 600 million Samsung Galaxy Phones Vulnerable to Hacking: Security Firm

Samsung Galaxy phones have come under radar for a major security lapse as techies have discovered that its Swiftkey holds the clue to hacking and inserting malware in any of these phones. The Swiftkey keyboard software comes pre-installed with Galaxy smartphones, which run into more than 600 million worldwide so far, and the users cannot even do anything even if ...

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