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NASA Gears Up to Launch Next Mars Lander InSight, with 2 Briefcase Satellites in March 2016

NASA’s JPL said preparations are underway to launch the next big thing to Mars in March 2016, Mars Lander InSight. To be lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, the MarCO spacecraft will carry the InSight landrover to Mars, along with two miniature satellites, of a briefcase size. InSight will probe the Red Planet’s interior to study the mineral and ...

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NASA All Set to Launch Next Mars Lander Insight in March 2016 (PHOTOS)

NASA has completed the testing of its most ambitious project pertaining to the Red Planet — a stationary lander called InSight — which will be test-launched in March 2016 to prepared the ground for the manned missions in 2030s. InSight, or Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport, measures the size of a car that will be fully ...

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Scars on Mars Landing Spot Intensify NASA Search for New Landing Technology on Planets

When NASA landed its Curiosity Rover on Mars in August 2012, it did create a dark blast zone, huge enough to observe from the satellite above in the orbit and surprisingly it is seen fast eroding as the latest pictures suggest. “Curiosity (has) created these dark blast zone patterns where bright dust was blown away by the landing,” said Ingrid ...

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