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Singapore Researchers Develop New Antibody to Flu, Pneumonia

Scientists from NTU Singapore have developed an antibody which boosts the survival chances for patients suffering from influenza and pneumonia and now working onĀ developingĀ a diagnostic kit to accurately track the recovery. The patent-pending antibody has been given in license to two biotech multi-national corporations, Abcam based in the United Kingdom and Adipogen International based in the United States. This new ...

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Alarmed over mutant strains, scientists halt research on bird flu for 60 days

Alarmed over the creation of mutant strains of the H5N1 avian influenza virus, scientists have called for a 60-day voluntary halt to research in a statement jointly published on Friday in Nature (481, 443; 2012) and Science journals. The United States government has sought both journals to publish only the main conclusions of two flu studies, but not to reveal ...

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