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How much sleep do children really need?

After due diligence over the health consequences of too much sleep or too little sleep, a panel of experts formed by the US National Sleep Foundation has made new age-based recommendations on how much sleep people need. While newborns require up to three months 14 to 17 hours of sleep each day, infants from four to eleven months should get ...

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The Influence of Human Speech on Babies

A recent research conducted in US revealed that talking to one’s babies could help them to strengthen their capabilities to learn and succeed in life later. Northwestern University psychologist Sandra Waxman, who was also involved in the research, said, “Infants as young as two or three months of age not only love to listen to speech, but they learn about ...

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Inexpensive, Inflatable Incubator to Reduce Premature Infant Deaths

A researcher from Loughborough University in Britain has developed a low-cost, inflatable baby incubator for use in the developing world in order to reduce the number of deaths resulting from premature births. The incubator MOM provides the same performance as an expensive modern incubation system, but costs just 250 pounds (Rs.24,206.79) to manufacture, test and transport to the desired location, ...

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