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Bollywood brouhaha rescues NRI escape conviction

An Indian stalker argued before the Australian court that Bollywood films encouraged him to excessively approach women, citing his "culture" as the handicap to escape the conviction but bringing shame to Indian myth about mentality. A judge in the Tasmania capital Hobart took into account "the cultural background" of 32-year-old Sandesh Baliga and let him go with a restraining order, ...

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Westernised Education Dealt a Blow to Indian Values and Culture, says Rajnath Singh

The main objective of education is "comprehensive development of the personality," said Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh while addressing people at the Chopsani Schools Centenary celebrations in Jodhpur on Wednesday. Criticising the present system for not fulfilling the main objective, Singh said, westernised education concept brought by Britishers is responsible for dealing a severe blow to the values and culture ...

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